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  • “I know he has an impressive work ethic, and I dug what I had heard of his music online before but his live show... insanity"

    – Sistergarten Blog

  • "What they bring to the stage and their recordings is unique, weaving in live musicians and some of the sultriest, warm-honey vocals I've every heard in hip-hop."

    – Skopemag.com

  • "From Brooklyn to Philly, Traum Diggs is leaving his unique mark on the game. His Brooklyn flow is clear and incisive with strictly no-nonsense content."

    – Tokyo Grindhouse

  • "It's very rare to see a hip-hop artist perform with a live band and make that performance seem effortless as if that's the way hip-hop should be done; Traum Diggs has convinced me there's no other way."

    – New York Daily News.com

  • "Dude.......this shit is sooooooooo wavy. Whoever the first dude is reminded me so much of Nas. Such a refreshing flow."

    – TheRealProgrest

  • "Came here cuz prodigy of mobb deep promoted you and man this is sick!!!"

    – gryda765

  • "Credit where credits due. Your flow is crazy good man. Keep up the great work. Bringing that soul back to hip hop!!"

    – Sam Hillman

  • "S/o to ‪@TraumDiggs‬ the Brooklyn dude, I'm lovin that sax 5th avenue flow, keep reppin that New York hip hop. Much respect to you my brotha. "

    – Hip Hop United

  • "Came here cuz prodigy of mobb deep promoted you and man this is sick!!!"

    – gryda765

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My Journal
"My Journal explains hip hop recording artist Traum Diggs' discovery of self through music. It focuses on the parallel between journal therapy and Traum's auto biographical style of writing and recording"

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